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    Paul Pullen

    The only real option for aluminium masts is the Jon masts, at present there are two versions of the mast being used in Falmouth.
    I guess we need to decide on the question of having a one design mast, what material it should be made from and the implications of moving in this direction
    I for one am in favour for having a one design mast. It would be a cheaper for one, there would be no benefit or advantage to any boat and it would be easier to hold stock of masts for both fleets thus having very little down time if a rig were to break

    Neil Andrew

    Owners agreed at the 2012 AGM to purchase a pear-shaped John Mast 112DR as the class spare. In theory by now there should be 3 112DRs in use. When Mayfly drew the spare in November 2014 it was discovered to be an elliptical 116E, a similar shape to the discontinued Selden 4529 which had previously been the de facto one-design section. As was the convention, Mayfly replaced the spare like-for-like with another 116E. At the 2015 AGM owners agreed to invest some of the class’ funds in a second spare mast. This was the overdue 112DR. In April 2018 Wendy chose to draw the 116E spare rather than the 112DR, and duly replaced it like-for-like with another 116E. Pintail chose to draw the 112DR in 2020 and, rather than replace it, paid the class the full cost after it was decided to run down the spares holding following the adoption at Itchenor of a Selden carbon mast .

    I support the principle of a one-design mast for the reasons given by Paul. Whilst it has never been a class rule, the Proctor/Selden 4529 was the de facto one-design mast for many years. Had it not been discontinued it still would be. Unrestricted experimentation in masts is extreme “cheque book racing” contrary to class policy.

    However, for me the more difficult decision is whether the one-design mast should be aluminium or carbon. I suspect there is no appetite at Itchenor to go back to aluminium.

    Neil Andrew

    What is the impact of Brexit on importing a Jon Mast from Denmark, including total cost when delivered to Falmouth?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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