This area will contain contributed articles on distinctive features of different boats, especially rig adjustment systems, and tuning/sailing top tips.

Class rules
On 28 April 2018 owners approved a new edition of class rules based on the World Sailing standard template. After correcting a small number of errors and omissions discovered during 2018 a stable new edition was published on 6th January 2019.  This has subsequently been updated annually.

Class rules 2023-2024 v1.0

Class rules 2021-2022 v2.0

Class rules 2021-2022 v1.0

Class rules 2019-2020 v1.1

Sunbeam Insights
 #1 – Mast heel position
#2 – V19 mainsheet 24:1 fine tune
#3 – Ballast
#4 – Mast step strengthening
#5 – Shroud anchorage strengthening