Should we be considering adopting the Selden Sunbeam mast?

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    Neil Andrew

    When carbon was discussed at the 2019 AGM the Itchenor trial was inconclusive. Manufacture and delivery of the demonstrator mast for Fleury had been late so it had been used significantly less than intended. The mast does not feature jumpers, and it was reported at the time that it is a strict ex-factory one-design mast for which nothing can be changed, e.g. positions of kitty pole eye, gooseneck and kicking strap.

    Since then there have been several developments.

    Notwithstanding the limited trial, the carbon mast was approved for use at Itchenor and has been fitted to more boats.

    Although the 2019 season was curtailed by the pandemic – most significantly Cowes Classics and Cowes Week, which would have provided invaluable open-water demonstrations, were cancelled – many more boat-hours use have been accumulated in Chichester Harbour.

    It has been suggested that an authorised mast supplier such as Mylor Rigging would be permitted to attach fittings supplied loose. If this is true, could it include fitting jumpers if Falmouth owners are especially keen to retain this rig adjustment feature?

    Is it the time to launch a formal re-examination of carbon before the 2021 AGM?

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    Paul Pullen

    With two glass boats coming down both of which having carbon masts we will be able to see them in action.

    David Owens

    We will be managing and sailing Misty as much as possible once she arrives, but given our J80 commitments there will be plenty of opportunities for existing Sunbeam sailors to try the glass boat and carbon rig. Roger Wickens is really keen for this to happen. Contact me or Mandy once we know more about the easing of lockdown and we can make the necessary arrangements on behalf of Roger. Give it a go.

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