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    Neil Andrew

    Itchenor has requested Falmouth’s views on a proposal to delete the existing class rule which requires the weight of an outboard engine to be included in the weight of internal ballast.  The change arises from the availability of electric outboards that are not suitable for stowing in the bilge.

    Mike Griffin

    Hi Neil, does that mean that the maximum internal ballast weight figure in the rules would be reduced by the weight of an outboard, or that internal ballast can be accounted for entirely in lead (without allowing for an outboard)? – Serious question but also just testing the Forum!

    Neil Andrew

    Super – someone other than me or my wife has accessed the forum!
    The latter. The rule on internal ballast will not be changed – an outboard will simply cease being counted towards it.
    It’s primarily an issue at Itchenor rather than here because they specify a fixed weight of internal ballast (250lb). So the current outboard rule requires internal lead ballast to be removed equal to the weight of the outboard.
    Here in Falmouth the ballast rule specifies a permitted range of 250 to 450lb (don’t ask – it’s historical!). As far as I am aware we mostly have towards the lower end of the range so shipping an outboard is unlikely to take anyone over the total.
    For us it’s more a question of whether we want the outboard rule to remain aligned with Itchenor. I can’t see why not.

    Stuart Sawyer

    I am ok with this rule change, cheers

    Phil Badger

    Makes sense with me

    Roger Graffy

    Fine with me. Roger Graffy

    Paul Pullen

    I think this a sensible thing to do

    Len Trenoweth

    Yep good idea Len

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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